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I have spent several years learning options trading and have encountered many obstacles along the way. With the help of my mentors and through the numerous hours spent honing this craft, I eventually became consistently profitable. I will be more than glad to share with those who are interested to understand more about options trading. For those of you who already know a little about options trading and want to seriously bring this game up another level, I can guide and mentor you to overcome the challenges you are facing right now in this journey. Mastering this craft has been one of the most fulfilling moments as an adult. I effectively found an alternative stream of income. I want to help you achieve the same outcome so that it can provide you with some cushion during tough economic times.

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About Me
Jason Ang
Member since
Kalpha Verified

To share with others and learn from others.

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User 1622518056948

Jason is experienced and knowledgeable in options trading and generous with his time to share his insights. Being a teacher as a profession, he is able to break down difficult concepts into digestible bits. Further, many appropriate analogies he provides really makes seemingly unfamiliar concepts easier to understand. I would strongly recommend anybody interested in trading to approach him!

Yoshi P

Excellent session! I learned alot from him within the session itself. Would recommend anybody who is truly interested in options to speak to Jason😁