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In this session, all users will get their full in-depth financial report over 35pages which allows them to plan ahead and be fully aware of their future expenses as well as how to achieve their life goals. Visualise it through our sophsicated programming. You will receive the following, (1) Your personal in-depth financial report that takes into consideration of all the assets, expense, income, cpf, career progression forecast, life goals, retirement, children, inflations,and many more. (2) Full Investment Report with actual yield, and dividend return & Insurance Summary (3) Tailored Solutions according to your financial situation, to meet your life goal needs, optimising returns via different channels and platforms. (4) Your personal graphs and charts (99% accuracy goal planning) Specially prepared by Award-Winning licensed Financial Advisor representing various financial companies and platforms. Pm to find out more. Thank you. Cheers.

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About Me
Nicholas Ho
Member since
Kalpha Verified

To learn and share as much as I wish to others, to make friends and have fun!

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Sam Ng

There was another instructor teaching the history and basics of guqin. Fun and interesting lesson!

Michelle chua

Nicholas is very knowledgeable about investment, he give a great heads up for beginners like me. He is also quite patience in general and when i have any doubts he would explained it v.clearly. In general, I would recommend him to others if they are interested to find more about investment👍